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Recently divorced mother of two teacher, Shalina Joy uses her summer break to tackle the restoration of her newly purchased run-down 1910 mansion and return it back to its original glory for her and her children.  

Season 1: 2015 - Series Editor

Episode 101: "Master Suite Meltdow" Act 


Highly rated home renovation series airing on DIY and HGTV follows do-it-yourselfer and preservationist of architecture, Nicole Curtis as she rescues historic dilapidated homes in Detroit and Minneapolis and restores them back to their original beauty.   

Season 6: 2015 Preditor

Episode 607: "Leaky Bedroom Disaster" Act  

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Renovator, Carolina Sullivan can spot a diamond in the rough. She buys low and sells high by using her creative ingenuity to transform the biggest eyesores on the block into the most sought after house in the neighborhood.  

Season 1: 2015 Preditor

Episode 113: "Wall of Worry" Act 


Rapper and home renovation expert, Vanilla Ice uses his expertise and eye for design to completely transform Florida mansions with lavish flare.  Additional Editor

Season 5: 2015 Preditor

Episode 511 Act  


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